Welcome to Give Social

We believe in “giving your best life” and we’re so excited for you to join us.

When we started to think about how we can produce something meaningful together, a phrase stuck with us…

“Collective passion with a common purpose”

This really helped us focus on our mission to bring people together and help them to be more inspired, more confident and better equipped to move forward in their own lives with one simple goal… To live a life, where giving, sharing and supporting others defines your success

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Mark Twain

2020 has been a game changer for society. But through it all, we’ve seen the kindness, generosity and passion of others who have continued to put others first and still make their own lives a success – every single day.

The more we considered this, the easier our challenge became… How could we create something to help others achieve what we have been trying to achieve together ourselves?

We are Rob and Jen and we have been a couple for over 15 years and married for the last 10. Similarly, we have been working together in some capacity since (even thought we didn’t actually meet at work!). However, our life goals have always included producing something together, for others.

A worthy ‘side hustle’

We all know examples of how people do remarkable things on top of their normal day job (We’ve met many of them and you will too!). It may be a business, a crazy hobby or just awesome things for charity. These people have inspired us and helped us to prioritise how we spend our ‘downtime‘.

In our own 9 to 5 jobs, we lead national programmes. We never stopped finding new ways to use those skills to help others. Give Social was created to be a place for celebrating success, inspirational people, charities and causes.

Give Social reflects our personalities and our passion for social responsibility. We have supported all kinds of people and organisations with ideas, marketing, funding and help through our agency. Most importantly, we have done this in our own time, not in the pursuit of profit, but for the love of making cool stuff for amazing people!

We will share some of their stories, plus a few of our own. We will also give you the chance to take that inspiration and use to help improve your own lives.

The beauty of giving

Giving doesn’t always mean money or possessions… The greatest gift we can give is ourselves. Give Social is our way to do that. Our challenge was to share what we’ve learnt, collaborate with others who can help others and ultimately, give every one a chance to be successful.

So don’t wait any longer – Here’s some simple ways to join us and be inspired!

You can also join us over on YouTube to listen to the podcast while working, walking, cleaning or even working out. And don’t forget to get access to exclusive information, guides and help by signing up to our email list to be the first to hear about new content (We never spam!)

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Trailer Transcript

Hi this is Rob

and I’m Jen, and this is Give Social, the new podcast to listen to in 2020.

We’re here to tell you a little bit about what to expect when we launch this summer. It’s the first time we’ve come together with our own voice to discuss all the things that we are passionate about.

It’s totally new to us, but we’re really excited to host a show about self improvement goals, good deeds and inspirational people.

Over time, will give you an insight into our work and provide you with tips and advice to help you achieve your own goals either at work or at home.

This is essentially a show about making the most of what life throws at you – it’s a podcast to listen to from anywhere.

We’ve worked with so many charities, companies and people over the years and we’ve made lots of friends along the way who have really inspired us.

So if you’re building your own business or want to hear positive stories, inspired by real people, then we hope you’ll enjoy spending some time with us.

We’ve also got a website, where we’ll give you some really useful things, like easy to use guides, reviews and so much more, so don’t forget to join is there where you can also subscribe to the show.

Our mission is to inspire those with an idea they want to explore, celebrate people who add positivity to life and leave you equipped with knowledge tools and insights to success.

So please subscribe, which means you’ll be the first to know about new episodes when they arrive and we’ll see you all soon with our new podcast, Give Social

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