Reflecting on series one #Episode 10

We can’t believe that we have already reached the end of series one for the Give Social Podcast! For the past 3 months, we have tried to bring you all moments of joy, inspiration, humour and honest insight into some of the challenges and situations we have all found ourselves in during 2020.

In this episode, we revisit and recap on some of the best moments so far and celebrate some of the achievements of launching our podcast this year.

As we go into a season break, we will be focusing our attention on bringing you more quality content on the website and through our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

Thanks for all your support in making the last few months more fun and inspirational – We can’t wait to bring you more episodes in 2021.



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My name’s Rob 

And I’m Jen

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Now, let’s get on with today’s show 

Today is our final episode of the series before we take a short break until the end of 2020.

When we started this podcast, we were in the middle of lockdown here in the UK. We thought we would do our first 10 episodes through to October and then we would be celebrating how we have emerged from Covid-19 and looking forward to life in a new future.

Well, it hasn;t all gone exactly how many of us thought. We are still in the middle of a lockdown in whatever capacity you may see it – And it looks as though we may be at the start of a second wave in parts of the world too.

But this podcast wasn’t meant to be about Covid-19. Yes – we couldn’t ignore it, but the WHOLE SHOW wasn’t going to be about the global pandemic. This show was about hope, inspiration, triumph over adversity and celebrating the kindness we see every day in the world.

From a very personal perspective, this show was about reaching out for us. As we moved everything to more home working, meeting people online rather than in person and needed to find new ways to engage with clients and partners, we decided a podcast would help us in that journey to expose ourselves to a wider audience and hopefully a new people who would want to work with us too – Whether that be charities, businesses, individuals or even other companies who share the same optimism for life as we do.

We’ve been very lucky. In just 10 episodes, we have achieved so much and so this episode is an opportunity for us to celebrate this. We’re going to be looking back at the best bits of Give Social so far and sharing with you some of the things that we’re proud of that have come out of launching Give Social in 2020.

We’ll also share with you our plans for the future – What you can expect from series 2 of Give Social and some of the plans we have for our website and helping people stay positive, inspired and empowered to be the best they can. 

So stick with us for the next 30 minutes as we reflect, celebrate and enjoy a look back on a momentous few months.

In our first episode, we talked about what we hoped to achieve from the podcast and I remember Jenna you talking about confidence, so I thought this may be a great place to start reflecting today – In 10 episodes, I want to know how have you found it Jenna? Where is your confidence now and what have you learnt about yourself and confidence itself since starting this… 

BUT – Before we do, let’s listen back to how you were approaching this, because I remember, you had a way of explaining this, which only you could… Hang on, let me just press play …

Well Episode 2 was all about the impact of Covid-19 and we managed somehow to see the funny side of many things we had to endure on a daily basis… Mainly, we laughed about our experiences of home schooling and shopping.

And of course Rob had another idea on how teachers could have cashed in during the homeschooling period… Let’s listen to what he had to say…

And then of course we did have a lot of fun chatting about shopping and – In particular panic buying… Here’s our own early experiences of panic as told through the eyes of Rob…

One of our first guests was Neil Hailwood. Now we cannot stress enough how brilliant it was to have Neil on the show to talk about how much of his life he dedicates to charities and the community.

Yes – Neil has walked literally thousands of miles for Derian House and Inspire Youth Zone. He has sung, walked, run, cycled, hosted and promoted pretty much any event you can think of that helps those who are helping others. In total, Neil has raised over £100,000 – Which is truly amazing!

During lockdown, Neil had charity events live on facebook including entertainment from live musicians and even his own version on Play Your Cards Right

In this next clip, Neil explained why he chose Inspire Youth Zone and Derain House as the charities he chooses to help in the community…

We moved into self improvement the week after with a closer look at personal development planning and increasing a term we like to use of self-empowerment

But it was the inspiration from someone else that got us thinking about how we view good deeds, charity work and the perspective of trying to help others, yet this not being as easy as it sounds if you want to make this your livelihood…

Let’s listen to what we said…

At the end of August we celebrated our wedding anniversary and we also had 2 special guests on the show from DFC Lancashire who are the experts at putting on amazing weddings and events. 

Robin and Beth shared with us the challenges Covid-19 had brought to their business and also to the wedding industry as a whole, but there was also lots of positivity and inspiration which is what we always like to celebrate on this show…

The bit that I want to pick out here is when Robin talked about what made his wedding and events company different from anyone else’s. He also gave us a few tips on what makes a good wedding speech

We had lots of fun in episode 6 when we played with the Best Self Co Discovery Decks. The episode was probably our first fully non scripted show where we had literally no idea what was coming next as we played the game live… 

We did enjoy the cards and we’ve shared our experiences of them on the website, so be sure to check it out. 

I really liked the completely random and unexpected start we had when I got to ask you the first question… Quite how we got to where we did, I don’t know, but let’s recap when Rob was asked what I thought was a fairly simple question…

Now we can’t recap without reflecting on the time we spent chatting with Figen Murray. For those of you who missed episode 7, we encourage you to go back and take a listen – This really was a moving and inspirational interview for us.  

We were so thankful for Figen to take her time to tell us all about Martyn her son who was killed in the Manchester following the Ariana Grande concert in 2017, but also the inspirational story of how she has dedicated her life to promoting kindness, compassion and forgiveness…

Here is Figen in her own words describing why and how she manages to use her grief and the experience of losing Martyn to bring more light into the world for those she can help along the way

It really has been an eventful few months hasn’t it and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has joined us in this first series.

On a very personal note, we are so pleased that each week, OVER 500 of you have been regularly downloading this series of episodes. We’ve had thousands of visits to the website and we celebrated placing 6th on the Apple Podcast charts so in terms of a confidence boost for us – This experience so far has been a massive one!

We’ve also been lucky enough to receive extra work with charities and mall businesses and this is one of the reasons we are going to be taking a slightly longer break until the new year.

So what’s our plans now? 

Well in the immediate future, we are taking some time out as a family. Rob celebrates his 40th Birthday next week and despite not being able to party like we wanted to with family and friends, we are still planning a few days away to enjoy what we can as a household and celebrate in style.

But then the preparations start for the next series and we’ll also be making some improvements to the website where we can.

We are looking forward to working with our new clients and we hope to bring you the results of that either on the website or maybe through a couple of episodes next year.

Finally, we thought we would let you know what we have planned next year.

Who knows what 2021 is going to look like for many of us, so we have decided the whole of series 2 is going to be dedicated to self empowerment and improvement. We have some really special episodes planed and online tools and tips so we can’t wait to share this with you soon.

In the meantime, we may bring out a few bonus podcast episodes over the autumn and winter so keep your eyes and ears peeled for those!

It’s time for us to finish for today, but we will see you again next year 

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See you all next week for more Give Social -Bye for now!

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