Inspirational Charity #5 – The Megan Hurley Foundation

We’re featuring The Megan Hurley Foundation after being made aware of their work by Figen Murray, a recent guest on the Give Social podcast.

The Megan Hurley Foundation was set up after Megan tragically lost her life in the Manchester Arena terror attack in 2017.

Megan was just 15 at the time she was killed alongside 22 other victims, including Figen’s son, Martyn Hett.

Megan was a bright, innocent and caring 15 year old who loved life and was well known for her caring nature and love of helping others. 

Megan’s parents, Joanne and Mike Hurley, set up the Megan Hurley Foundation to make sure that Megan is remembered in a positive way as the fun loving beautiful daughter she was. The charity aims to uphold Megan’s strong values to help others, as well as ensuring her name will live on through the charity.

During the attack, Megan’s brother, Bradley, was also severley injured, suffering broken legs and multiple injuries and spent over a month at Manchester Royal Infirmary with his Mum and Dad at his bedside. 

After over a month in hospital Joanne and Michael returned home with their son and dedicated their lives to his rehabilitation, having no option but to close the family business.

The Megan Hurley Foundation will aim to provide initial short-term help and support to self-employed families, unable to attend work (and therefore have no income), due to the sudden and unexpected loss of a child.  The Foundation also looks to provide help and support to other good causes that will benefit children.

If you would like to learn more about The Megan Hurley Foundation, use the link below.

If you would like to make a donation to the charity, the button below will take you straight to their donations page.

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