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Inspirational charity #2 – Macmillan cancer support

Thousands of people are affected by cancer every year. Macmillian is a leading cancer charity in the UK providing support to millions of people.

Being told “you have cancer” doesn’t just affect your health. It can also affect those close to you and can have an impact financially.

Macmillan staff and volunteers make sure that everyone is valued and treated as a person, and not just a patient.

They provide physical, financial and emotional support. They understand that cancer affects people in different ways and as a result, everyone’s experience will be personal to them.

Macmillian cancer support is an inspirational charity for more than one reason.

They don’t just people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families, they also fund academic research and publish research papers to help people understand more about cancer.

And they do an enormous amount of fundraising – their ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ campaign raises millions of pounds every year.

To learn more about Macmillian or to make a donation, visit their website using the button below.

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