Improving sleep

Improving sleep – Best ways to relax and recover

There is nothing better than a good nights sleep and music can really help you stay in deep sleep for longer. The advantages of improving sleep for our mind and body have been researched across the world. The answer is always the same – More sleep equals a healthier person! It’s not just physical health that improves with sleep. Mental health is improved massively if you can get enough sleep.

The biggest challenge, is often falling asleep in the first place. The environment has to be right and if possible, you don’t want to be disturbed. One of the best ways for improving sleep, is to find some sleep music to help you relax.

We have been using sleep sounds and relaxing sleep music for years. It’s not easy switching off after a busy day, so anything that can help will give you the best chance of nodding off sooner and achieving the perfect night in bed. We have found some of the best resources online for sleep music, plus we’ve even produced our own 10 hour sleep sounds with music for free! (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM!)

A good book can also help you while listening to sleep music, so why not check out our 7 best self help books for 2020 while you’re here!

The evidence

The internet is full of research on sleep. Don’t worry if you haven’t got time to read it all yourself. We have listed some of the best facts on sleep below – Click on each link to find where the research came from.

Sleep is critical for waking cognition—that is, for the ability to think clearly, to be vigilant and alert, and sustain attention.

Memories are consolidated during sleep, and that sleep serves a key role in emotional regulation

A 2014 survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation reported that 35% of American adults rated their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”

Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight

Don’t sleep for too long, too often tough – sleeping more than 9 hours a night may do more harm than good.

How much sleep do you need?

Well, this is something that comes up all the time. We have looked at the research and the table below gives a breakdown of the perfect amount of sleep each person needs – Courtesy of National Sleep Foundation

Age RangeRecommended Hours of Sleep
Newborn0 to 3 months14 – 17 hours
Infant4 to 11 months12 – 15 hours
Toddler1 – 2 years old11 – 13 hours
Preschool3 – 5 years old10 – 13 hours
Schoo-Age6 – 13 years old9 – 11 hours
Teen14 – 17 years old8 – 10 hours
Young Adult18 – 25 years old7 – 9 hours
Adult26 – 64 years old7 – 9 hours
Older Adult65 or more years old7 – 8 hours
Recommended Hours Of Sleep Table

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How to sleep better

According to Mental Health Matters, there are 4 elements to remember when trying to improve your sleep…

Health – Physical and mental health problems can restrict good sleep. Seek help if needed and stay on top of your health where possible.

Environment – Remove distractions, light and electrical devices. Find the right duvet for the temperature. Control the light where you can. Keep a sleep diary if needed to set the perfect environment.

Attitude – Practice relaxation techniques. Try meditation, sleep music or natural sleep sounds to assist. Mindfulness can be beneficial for some, so give it a try. If needed, speak to your GP if struggling.

Lifestyle– Rice, dairy and oats can help. Tea, Coffee and sugary foods can be bad for your sleep. It will come as no surprise that alcohol is also bad for you when it comes to sleeping. Try introducing exercise into your lifestyle. This can really help reduce anxiety and stress.

Music and relaxing sleep sounds

There is no doubt soothing sleep music and relaxing sounds of nature can help you get a good night’s kip! This is why we have brought together the research to produce our own free 10 hour sleep video to help. The video has been made with a black screen so there’s no light disturbing your sleep.

We have added the natural sound of rain (mainly because Jenna loves sleeping to the sound of rain) and a peaceful soundtrack for night time meditation – Making the perfect long sleep music track!

Why not give it a go tonight and let us know if it helps?

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