Personal development plan

How to start a personal development plan #Episode 4

A personal development plan can be a useful tool either at work or at home. It can be the difference between success and failure, so we wanted to focus our attention in this episode to our own personal development journey and explore what it looks like to plan your own development or self improvement plan.

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In the episode, we discuss the preparation steps of developing a personal development plan. We go through the steps we think will help anyone starting out on a journey to self empowerment or self improvement.

These first 8 steps are based upon our own experiences and we reflect upon what we have done in our own lives in order to achieve them at home or at work.

8 Steps to preparing your self improvement plan

  1. Read everyday
  2. Having a hobby
  3. Learning
  4. Create an inspirational space
  5. Wake up early
  6. Regular exercise  
  7. Identifying your weak areas
  8. Find Inspiration from others

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to Give Social – A show about helping you improve through inspiration

Each week we discuss things that make your heart sing through stories interviews and debates everyday normal people do amazing things in business charity through self improvement and we’re here to celebrate them my name is rob and I’m Jen so if you’re looking for authentic down to earth and practical help to build a better life than we welcome you to the show and just to make sure you never miss an episode or one of our bonus podcast that we might sneak in from time to time don’t forget to subscribe through your preferred podcast provider it’s easy and more importantly it’s free. Now let’s get on with today show.

So today we’re gonna be talking about our own personal development journey and offers some advice based on our own experiences on how to start with your own development or self improvement plan. we’ve chosen to talk about this because throughout all of our episodes will be speaking to people who inspire us and will be showcasing people who have followed their passion for their career to build a business outside of the usual nine to five all those who have just been successful in making a life doing what they love and this doesn’t just happen by accident people say you need luck and you do need luck and I love the quote that says

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity


And so today we’re going to be discussing that first part. We’re gonna be discussing preparation because I would love to sit here and writes out a prescription for success I wish someone would write to me yeah if I could write a prescription for success I would be at least a billionaire. what we can help with is the ways that people can start to prepare for success the way the people can start to prepare for living the life that they want to live it’s something that will pick up through different episodes and certainly something that will be asking people who come on to the show as guests all about how they prepare for what they do and also how they lived that life to ensure that that achieving everything that they want to and as we develop the website share more about what we do through give social you’ll be able to download free guides and read our articles on tricks and hacks you know we found useful for developing ourselves for either you know self improvement or professionally in all careers the inspiration for this episode came to as well writing one of our simple guides the website and you can read that right now it’s the one on a self improvement check this is at which offers five ways in which you can start on self improvement today and will no doubt be covering some of those through the episode as we start chatting through, but the link will be in the episode description in case you want to go take a look or you can log on to give social . straight after listening to this episode and you can read the article which I hope will help some of you.

So shall we start with a question?

Always good to start with a question Who wants us to ask the question , me or you? I’ll ask you to you Are you doing right now the things you want to be doing in your life? it’s a good question are you doing just repeat to me again are you doing right now the things you want to be doing in your life okay does this include money? not necessarily. okay I think that’s a really important point because I think to answer this question you’ve got support finances to one side for a second because there’s no doubt now like me, there will be people shouted at the car stereos or into the headphones or at the tv. Car stereo sounds really old I recall stereos and a cassette player I wonder if you could buy our show on the cassette? yes I’m sure they’ll be shouting at that and saying I’m not earning enough money but I think what you’re talking about here is purpose. living a life that makes you happy is made up of so many things and what I get out of bed for the morning is purpose. I’m gonna keep using that word we’ve used it before. purpose for me is doing something that makes me feel like I’m giving something back to others but at the same time it’s not just about good deeds so it’s about passion for the purpose but also improving my life and giving something to others that helps them too and if I can combine those two things then I am living a life where I am enjoining it and making the most of it so giving your best life giving my best life you know so you might have a brilliant idea for a product which you do a lot but it might be you know should I do that nobody else has or it could just be that passion to get out of bed each day do a job that you enjoy and that might be your only goal which is absolutely perfect if that’s the case yeah so back to the question then which is I am I happy doing now what I want to be doing in life. sat here right now I can answer yes without a doubt I’ll get into that shortly but one thing I am most thankful for is that each job I’m involved with whether it be my day job or my side hustle fills me with joy so much so that the hours I spend doing that they really do blend in to one and there are lots of them I can work all day doing one thing or the other so it doesn’t feel like work so yes they are that there are good days and bad days but if anyone ever tells you that something is perfect then they’re lying. the I mean I I absolutely agree I love what I do but actually even more so I love the journey that I’ve been on in terms of my personal and professional development to get to where I am now – in a million years I would never have said that I would get to a point where I would be confident enough to be sat here recording a podcast that will be broadcast to goodness knows how many people. three. ha I feel better. you know people I know and respect might actually listen to it and god forbid judge me but that’s for another episode but the point is is that I’m really enjoying and I’m really enjoying developing myself and learning along the way but again that’s a journey have not always felt like that this is something that you know you’ve spent time getting better

I think this kind of leads you back to your journey…

okay is that because I used to be a policeman yes I think because that’s a massive part of your life yes it was the eighteen years of my life and yeah I I love the idea of going into the police I was good at it I think I’m yes so I think they did a good job of it I did lots of different roles there was always something missing for me when I was doing that job and this was very personal it wasn’t the fault of the organizational policing it was my natural tendency to challenge to probe to ask awkward questions Yes he’s a natural about absolute natural. I’m trying not to swear but to really Pee people off yeah by always probing in sometimes well I should just stop and like now it’s good it’s still pretty good at that but I think it was my curiosity yeah every now and again when I was doing that job I found something that really served my passion so when I started my first charity with a group of people in the community I was out so they can beat manager a police officer in the community and we all got together and we were asking these challenging questions of people like the police, likely offender management unit and saying the way in which we deal with young people is that the best way what we could do it so rather than going on the street going on a Friday night and telling the kids to move on, taking them home to the parents that might not be the solution because the street corner might be the only place they’ve got to go to – home might not be the safe place and home is not the safe place, so we started to think about how we could counteract that and so we had to invest then we had to create spaces for these young people and loads of people who do this around the country that’s fantastic and so yes that was the first time I got a bit of a taste of doing something different and my curiosity took me on a journey that yeah so actually taking a bit of time off from the police of the first news so much away the charity and then I went back and I’m still just looking for a different way of doing things and fortunately that let me into a path of innovation and when I went down the path of innovation that was what really took hold of me and I thought this is where curiosity comes to life yeah this is why you can look at something from a different angle and a different way and ask those really challenging questions in a safe environment with the sole intention of not breaking back thing down yep but actually improving it yeah but sometimes let’s be honest you have to break that thing down yeah in order to change it yeah

Bring it back to why we’re here today then…

We want this episode and to help you think about how you might start doing different things and changing things in your own life so that you can start to build your own development so there’s lots of different ways you can do that so what we’ve done is we’ve picked a few different things that we’ve done that has helped us either change our minds out to broaden the horizons little or just make us think a little bit differently and then that’s then led us to making little changes so we’re gonna go through a few of them so the first one is to read a book every day I would love it if that was true all read also the book all the page every day we we do try to read a few times a day sometimes it’s children’s books but we do a we definitely do better than we used to it we do this is an old ways and this is something I’ve had to learn more recently this isn’t always reading a self improvement book no no sometimes it might be about just turning the tele off and reading a newspaper yeah it might be that somebody out there wants to become a journalist so reading the newspaper every day but lastly really serve them well for learning the craft of how those people write and sometimes information out that that you don’t it’s not there in your mind I want to know about that you come across it so by broadening get you gave your reading material or whatever you know whatever form that takes.

So there’s a famous comedian I I love and he says that he doesn’t do active research he does passive research where he let the information come to him so he’ll just sit and either been watching something, reading something and then suddenly some information talks about sharks yes I certainly know about sharks I know that people hit them on the nose they go away, little things like that were actually I think over time I’ve learned loads but I was expecting to lead I think it’s the point that it’s just that you read something and you come across thing the new explore things and discover things and there are so many different ways in which you can read things out so it doesn’t have to be a book he doesn’t have to be a physical newspaper I think the focus here is around the quality of what you’re reading yes not necessarily how you’re reading

I very often go on forums and ask for help and I talk about this a lot and innovation and its tacit knowledge sharing thus it knowledge sharing is this form of knowledge that’s passed from one person to the next and it isn’t always written down you don’t learn about sit in the classroom you just learned from all the people who have been there, done it and they know what they’re doing yes so I very often go on to a blog post an article doesn’t matter where is the beauty of modern technology is if you wondering about something you want to read about it just ask yeah absolutely remember ask Jeeves yeah that feels really really ancient there will be people under the age of thirty five now wondering what ask Jeeves is. ask Jeeves was brilliant it was it was the original Google what I do I think it was that before Google it was there before Google it was fascinating very interesting for those of you who don’t know Jeeves a butler. Wasn’t there a little character on the search engine he was that he was little character wasn’t he yeah with the directory seems remember throwing results back Next Point.

I think the next one is about hobbies and doing things that you enjoy…

It works for some people it doesn’t work for this I absolutely love golf I have made golf part of my lifestyle yes and I make no apologies non also have the value of golf as a hobby to me teaches me so many different things yeah it saved my life once in particular when I was younger I could have taken the path one way or another I chose to take up golf as a way to keep myself out of get into trouble yep and ever since then from the age of fourteen fifteen it’s really stuck with me I was absolutely rubbish at it and the the only way you get better goals yet is with patience, control and time. hence why I don’t play it with you because my dad also an avid golfer was thrilled when I met my husband to be and he was a golfer – that went down very well except I was in the United fan. that bit didn’t go down well no but the golf bit was fine well throughout my life both my dad on you have encouraged me to give golf a try but I just cannot be doing with the level of intensity when it comes to has it that the wind speed and throwing a piece of grass in the air to see you know and yes ruins a good walk. what it does for me is it serves my competitiveness because I am very competitive yes and so allows me to channel my competitiveness through one source which is golf yep and

I’ve been able to do that really well over the years and really enjoyed it but there’s another side of the hobby for me which is about mindfulness yes I get to go out and walk around the field for four five hours depending on how many of his a playing and not think about what’s going on at work yeah just a white ball around the field yeah I think helps relax there is nothing else in my life that helps me relax like golf does now and so for that reason I make golf my probably only hobby that I do outside of the house without my family yeah where as you well I don’t really have a particular hobby in there I was always very keen horse rider originally but then over time and certainly since we’ve had Billy that’s not something I continue to do anymore absolutely Lovin it love to carry on doing that again one day before may that that mindful space really interested I don’t think it necessarily has to be a structured hobby no all the time it can just be making sure we take out time for your self phone whether that’s going for a roll on or roll call having a bathroom reasonable it’s just something that you can sort of switch your brain off and just separate yourself from all of those things where your brain’s going hundred miles an hour so just having some time where you can just go a different pace and we have some people if they enjoyed crafting or whatever it may be you focus in on that thing don’t you in that zones everything else out zero

You are a very creative person you just your creativeness comes out and things like your graphic design on your communications work that you do which is fantastic. but then you’ve also got a sewing machine yesterday you you’d like to get you sewing machine out every now and again yep yep but then there were there was all the hobbies.

I’m gonna be really careful out what you’re gonna say you can say cleaning yes I’m thank you this is why I was going to be I was I was going to tread very carefully I knew you were going. I wanted to remove any dispersions that people back yeah me saying that my wife you’re out golfing I’m I’m cleaning the bathroom yet but there were not many people with the probably all lots of people let’s be honest and Mrs hinch brought a whole new worlds to this stuff she didn’t just make cleaning a hobby she made it a full on lifestyle and has done does exactly that says I don’t think it’s ever really been a hobby. I think people obviously do it because they have to but I do enjoy it I don’t have that so I was getting to yeah in the nicest way yeah without people making assumptions yes it’s been a bloke! so yes so before we go down the whole cleaning routes which i could talk about for hours, we will move on…

So the next thing I think you have to do, is keep learning

So we’ve talked about reading already but this is a different kind of learning and this is about taking yourself to the next level of whatever skill you might currently have all the skill that you think you would need in order to achieve what you want to get to and it sounds really simple doesn’t it it sounds really simple way you can you can just sit here and say go and learn a new skill but actually over the last couple years particularly what has got so much easier for people. I had no formal qualifications whatsoever when I left college and school but since then I’ve developed myself because I’ve started to realize is to get to where I wanted to get to which is where I am now I had to increase my formal qualifications to sit along all the experience that I had over the last twenty years yeah because I have this fear of walking into a room and saying this is what I do when people saying where is your certificate? as stupid as that sounds I kept on thinking about that. There is a brilliant brilliant scheme.

If you listen to this in the U. K. now there is an absolutely fantastic scheme that if you can get on it I would highly recommend you go and speak to your boss your employer whoever’s responsible in your organization – can you tell me more about what the you are doing the apprenticeship levy in this organization if you don’t know what the apprenticeship levy of years I make show with a link to it the apprenticeship levy is run by the government and was brought in a couple years ago most people have probably heard about it but if you haven’t it’s free for you as an individual and your organization don’t pay anything towards either because they already have done when they pay that’s taxes that’s probably the most simple way I can explain at this stage what it does is it opens you up to develop yourself within the workplace in your work time to find new skills or develop the skills that you’re on the go and that is the exact route that I took when I got my MBA this year and I for two years did this program I never thought I would go to university and do an MBA now I’ve done it. very proud of you not in a jokey way an actual way

I am actually very proud of it but along the way also saw other opportunities record go and learn so I went to Cranfield University and spent some time with them learning more about innovation they all the innovation experts and stems of aerospace and things like that so it was really got to spend time with people who are working in this innovation environment all the time and that gave me so much motivation but there are loads of other ways for you to learn so before we get on to the other ways in which you can learn in your own time you did education in the traditional route didn’t yes I think I

I went to university when you have meant to go and I got my qualifications at that point however that wasn’t straight straightforward journey. I looked at what my best results where my A. levels out so that was languages I did really well in French and Spanish and so I went off to university originally and did international business with French and Spanish as part of the course and then it was a twelve month period before I then realized actually I’m not sure what they say is really what I want to be doing and it’s one of those things I had to quite alien as only eighteen nineteen at the time had to step back and go hang am I gonna spend another four years on this degree and come out of it and then not use it because I actually really don’t want to where he at in this field or not gonna stop now I’m gonna look at what my options are and then redirect myself and that’s what a date and it’s expensive did it that way yeah yeah but states it store extra well actually an extra two years because the course I ended up on which was my public relations degree also had a placement year in it so

I’ve done my original my fair share and languages international business then went on to do a four year course doing the public relations degree so I was at university for five years which is a really long time and I just love going to the pub! no no but seriously it was actually a really big deal for me that at the time and I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing no but my parents didn’t know I just made the decision to mean during universe as in you you didn’t tell them to make that decision to leave the call to move on to another I weighed up my options looks wanted today are probably still about where I wanted to go while wanted to day when I have to say it was the best decision I ever made absolutely the best decision I ever made I just think the point of that really just even though

I did that and then I went through all of that that was my my formal qualification plus a whole load a life experience today we did at the same time and the majority of people who listen to this show I imagine aren;t going to be a university that now I’m the probably gonna be more like people who are very much like you and I Hey you have reached a certain point in their lives whether either really happy with what they’re doing and they just want to keep moving forward yeah or they’re just starting to look for new ways to improve and to develop themselves yeah so this is where technology comes in again yes as a fantastic way a much less expensive way yet about self and learn new skills yes we’ve used it recently we’ve used it quite a lot over the years yeah absolutely.

So we talked about reading a book before , but actually

…there’s so many other ways in which you can absorb information

or learn new things and online learning is one of those areas isn’t it we’ve dipped in an out of online learning for the last three or four years particularly in but the great thing I love about online learning is that it’s really piecemeal yeah so you’re able to go I want to learn about this I don’t want to know everything about it yeah I want to know how to do it yes so I knew absolutely nothing about video editing was going to say sometimes there are just some quick things you think okay it is a problem I want to solve at all it’s one quick I don’t spend a yesterday and I I just want to understand a bit more and so we’ve got lots of recommendations of places where you can do that we’ve compiled a list of all of them because there are so many yeah feel free to go out and look for yourself.

If you want a quick guide, we will be putting one up on the website and these include some of the places that we’ve used so we’ve used skills share, yeah Udemy I think they call it you to me yeah – teachable linkedin learning which used to be Lynda yeah all these places that we’ve been to just a brush up our skills by another so you can by all means check that out now one of the things that has helped was developed and really inspired us to do more from home not just because we were forced to originally but ultimately about creating an environment home yeah inspirational environment yes this is definitely your bag so let you talk about that yet so I think I mean without ways we’ve ended up with a rather an inspirational space but it wasn’t intentional we didn’t set out to to do that as such we move house and we have the opportunity to do what you know today we do our own thing with that space and at that time we hadn’t really even thought about studio space or recording space or that wasn’t where we were at that time with that so we created a lounge for example and what we did was have shelves built in so we could have all of our books downstairs in the lounge so they were there accessible with a really nice comfortable reading chair next to it

So although it wasn’t designed in a way for the recording side of things it’s actually ended up being a really good platform that now for doing our Youtube videos you’ll probably see all lounge from various angles in different videos as we go along with the point of it was actually to be an inspirational spaces will spend all the time that you know either on our own together over the family so making our books accessible and making it something that you can just quickly go grab something if you’ve got five minutes you want to read something and this is something that people have struggled with over the last few months particularly when Covid-19 arrived because whereas before it was assumed you got up in the morning you left your house yeah you went to work yeah and so your work environment we all know these people I was never one of them but tried it but it is that what these people who dress up the desks at work dress them up yeah – with photos and I can’t yes and you know – yeah photograph and a coaster and nice coaster coast and your own you own nice Mug. Bunting. only on special occasions I know people who’ve got bunting on that desk permanent bunting – crafty bunting! but this was really important to them it was their inspiraitonal space yeah it was also a way of telling everybody else do not sit here get off my desk do not touch my stuff.

Now people was suddenly forced to work in the place they live. yes we’ve been quite used to doing that quite a long time because we’ve had business interests in outside of our day jobs for a long long time and so when we moved to this house we have this in our minds that yes that it wasn’t just the lounge yeah we needed a nice big dining table yes that separated the lounge and the kitchen area so that we have this family spaces creating zones and so when we first started doing the podcast and we actually recording downstairs in fact in the first episode we talk about being at the dining room table don’t we yes and we very quickly recognized that the environment while was useful for us to sit either side of a big long destined didn’t serve well for the family environment I mean didn’t inspire us in our down time because we were always thinking about the work we were doing it yeah the people came round and saw boom arms and computers yeah I’m so we start to separate the house so much more yeah so we’ve changed the office which was also a spare room which is now no longer really a spare room we’ve kind of converted that now into a recording space so we can leave all the kit and we can not have to be you know taken things up putting him down all right and then the I think it’s about finding ways to not any extra pain to what we’re trying to dao when actually we’re really enjoying doing it and it’s something we want to continue to be a joy we don’t want to stop making it a burden and so we do that by creating a space that we can leave you know leave the kit up, but actually allows us to get yourself in the zone actually as well and separate out some of all out distraction

I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head

when you’ve said you don’t want it to become a burden so how do you do you do you might be listening to this and you live in a one bedroom flat and you are thinking how do I turn this space into both a inspirational living and working environment and one of the things we love they were in because previously before we left here we were always restricted on space and lets be honest we still are. we’re currently trying to converting the garage yes so we have a little bit about yes yeah to do something in that getting the inspiration online for a space in which you can balance both your personal and work life there the invention of ikea is brilliant Pinterest! Massive help we have so many boards. I was gonna say so many bold so little time we have we did have a lots of boards motivation we did we end up having to have joint boards so that we didn’t start duplicating effort and we could see where one was going with an idea as well so we could yeah that was it yeah definitely a good way of doing that that one of the things that I do that really helps me fragment by time that I spend doing all this work in non taking away from valuable family time is I’ve got to habit of waking up early yet but I think the advice if I gave and he would be the key is waking up early yeah I’m not staying up late yes you cannot do both of those that exactly yeah you definitely have have done both yes and you don’t spend amid nine I got about half four yes during the candle at both ends building the habit yeah of getting a good night’s sleep

I am a light sleeper yeah apparently some of the greatest people in history were very light sleepers only required for five hours sleep a night yeah the names of all because we probably heard of them both yes people often say the greatest minds wake up mines early. what what I love about waking up early is if anybody out that I was like because I’m has young children yeah morning’s amongst young got a choice anyway you’ll a anyway yes and embrace it. embrace the early morning but also trying get up an hour before your children do. well if we did that when Billy was young we would have been up at 2am. I am but I am now in the habit of waking up anytime between four and six yeah never really stay in bed beyond six o’clock now if I’m up at four five than I can get a good two hours work done.

I find I’m much more productive yes early yes I never used to be but certainly over the past few years if I get old and say I’m probably not as early as you at four o’clock but if I’m up and I’ve got an hours work out the way six till seven eight so productive and you can get so much done this one so waking up early is something I’ve made into a habit it’s not something you do as much as I do now you have done it previously but again where in this relationship of work that we do of we do whatever works for each other I mean I definitely preferred being up earlierp but I don’t get help like say a full do you enjoy working at times that I don’t enjoy work yeah very often you’ll pull the laptop out and go right what are we doing and I’ll go I just want to sit down and do nothing no worries I’ll wake up first thing in the morning you look and go nope going back to sleep! but this is another one that takes is on to exercise I suppose now isn’t it and starting the day right.

I think that’s probably the biggest struggle I’ve had if I’m being dead honest is building fitness and health into my routine I am I’m still not that perfect you might see a little bit as we go through the next year or so yeah about how I’m trying to keep that going yeah things like doing this actually inspired me to get healthier and fitter yes yes because I am best when I make myself accountable to other people yes I am the opposite I have always tried to make myself accountable to other people but what I’ve been able to do in the last couple of years the last year in particular is start making myself accountable to me first yeah absolutely really important and so with that, the focus very much not on how I look how I feel.

I spent much more time doing things like meditation and mindfulness but also trying to eat the right things I’m trying to do a bit more exercise yeah I think I’ve never been a fan of running I’m not a very good runner but I run, so we’ve we we got into the habit haven’t way all we go out three times a week – not today we didn’t do it today but that doesn’t mean tomorrow that’s the point however I’m not a runner but I run and I enjoy it I really enjoy I enjoy going on my own I enjoy having that time because for me, the whole go back to the hobby thing runnings my time for me to begin the day it sets me up if I’ve woken up in a bad mood on that bit fed up about stuff coming up that day or whatever actually going out and having that half an hour forty minutes just today five K. or whatever it is you can do in that time by the time I come back even if home proactively thought about it installed about my day in detail by the time a comeback of self centered myself and I just feel a bit better we very often do the high five at the door we do. so we’ve got a child we talked to try to make it work so the first one out of bed yeah we’ll always go for a run yes a running day is that and then the other one has about half an hour to get himself out of bed yes rest ready at the door opens a high five and then they go about half an hour while the child has breakfast yes I’ve been without a day.

In an ideal world that’s what we do yep quite often in fact we’ve been very good at that we have so going back to the waking up early for being productive we made a mistake that we did it the first time this has ever happened so rob go all out bad I thought okay yeah fine you must be going for a run off he went downstairs so I starts trying to bring myself round right okay I’ve got half an hour so I need to think about get myself open get me running game around and get myself ready to do the high five at the dole which point Billy’s away exiled helping him get ready to disclose the day right should be about time that rob comes home, let’s head downstairs head down status you saw that typing away at the computer Roberts yeah and I said walked on a hobby not been well I didn’t go out for a run I didn’t go for a room and I can see now where the confusion came in I grabbed the nearest think not to disturb you in bed because I was about yeah and I just took on a pair pf shorts I’m a gym t-shirt which is what you get running and and also what I work on at six in the morning yeah so yeah I can see where the mistake happened this is this is a really interesting dynamic yes because we talk about the inspiration and motivation yet you can downstairs as technically right I will not technically actually ready to guide you train is going to hit you hard your jogging pants I have my headphones ready everything ready you saw me at the computer desk and then what did you do I sat on the couch and said and then you said all you said are you going now I’m gonna feel really bad if you go out on that that means I don’t have to go yes so I said well I’ll have a coffee I had a coffee. and their days like that course there are there are always going to be days some days are going to be really motivated now in our defence it was raining as well not inspirational so but we we will go for a run this week the next area watch about not being very good at running this weak area yes

This is a nice segue into your strengths and weaknesses …

which is the next point we want to talk about safety it’s about identifying and building those weak areas we all have them and actually sometimes they are more uncomfortable to face or acknowledge but once you do and then you do something about it the sense of satisfaction when you have a breakthrough or you suddenly feel more comfortable with whatever issue went very good dot is just so with the FAA and the thing I thought to do quite a lot of thought nothing you’ve brought me along that several over the last few years in terms of my own self self development and self improvement a lot of it is spent either inspired by you because you’ve been doing something like that or its been as a result of me wanting to know and not just that not only improve myself improve alls and what we’re doing and what we’re trying to achieve yeah

My weakness and all of that has been probably trying to drive you too hard sometimes and and trying to force you to do things that maybe didn’t want to do and also ploughing ahead took me ages to get my head round this noon when I say in a completely non arrogant way yeah that I work at a pace the the people don’t yeah what that means is that I actually accepted the way in which I work it can be quite appear quite manic with yeah yeah yeah I know it’s just go yes I’ve got my day also on a day when I’m talking about yes I’m just gonna do it and I have some see the impacts of the house not all the people yeah so if it for me it just it on that note because it’s relevant that is that my weaknesses my confidence public people always say you come across is really confident like as if you’ve got a confidence issue but I thank that’s been date that the parallel what we’re talking about there is you’ve had that drive in so if like you said before if the foot dragging me along but I needed that because my weight is the conference and I would have done that myself but the the week this I recognize this is like a counseling so that’s great but the weakness I recognize is around how sometimes I get quite impatient with people don’t keep hope so yes I then don’t do that when the guy running together as well hence that I like running amok yeah we never even talked about no carry on is fine yet so so what I find is I will often find myself doing something on my own in that I set off with the intention of doing with lots of yeah it’s for she’s found a bit lonely. like i had friends and now so yeah so what I’ll stop in a room and outside people rock why don’t we do this never to go that sounds amazing yes let’s do it well and then a look of my shoulder in a week

I think that’s the point when at the early stage people again okay but over time we can do that well let’s take it will take you right back to the beginning will think about it and will spend time doing this on the other and then you’ve already gone so so my so my weakness and my learning because this is what it’s about is learning somebody once said to me you can only move as quick as the slowest moving parts yes I am when I first heard by really annoyed nope that’s not acceptable except for I am the fastest moving parts and I keep hope yes and I’ve learned that from my weakness into the overtime I need to be a bit more patients in so one of the things actually I think is a achievement and is this podcast yeah why you and i doing this so yeah and I’ve tried to go at your pace most of the time you got me so I’ve well nothing is because I’ve you’ve slowed down but I’ve also sped up when we’ve met some way in the middle I think is what you trying to say that’s exactly what I’m trying not to talk to so to have story now hello tortoise comes out better but we’re here we are here and I think that is a really good segue into the next.

Which is around finding inspiration

that helps you to build on those areas where you do want to let you know you do you want to expand your knowledge even much is more of a mindset thing for me they say for me find inspiration that can either be in people will come on to that in a minute but it can just be in quotes a little reminders to yourself when you need a little bit of a partial just a bit of motivation something and those things have become miles more popular yeah yeah two years I don’t know whether it’s because they’ve got obviously technology makes them accessible, but even when you go into the shop yeah all the little street signs in the things you can pop on top of your mantle piece on the bookshelf so yeah looks in the main inspirational quotes we had one in our old house that we about family rules and they were all about how you’ve got to what’s more yes I always say I love you and yet lots of stuff still makes it sound like it I believe in it.

I genuinely do and I just I think you can either go one way or the other and some people feel light it’s a bit hairy Fairy is a bit but actually for me it is something that resonates with yet thus the then use it do you know what I mean that doesn’t it doesn’t matter so for me we talked about and and and this is they the confidence thing the defection is nothing that comes I made the stops as as in the past is stop me doing things on the board it will be a fact yes but not do it because if it’s not perfect that is not good enough and that and I think that may be what this is a quote from Mark Twain and he said

continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

Mark Twain

and for me that absolutely summed up like several years of my life where I just sat still for a while and nothing really happened and so I’d like to read things like that because it gives me a sense of what’s the word I’m looking for acknowledges and it almost authenticates I guess is what I’m saying how I felt if that makes sense yes I’m the the thing I like about quotes and we we use them quite a bit in this podcast than on the website and and we used them quite a lot and things like reports that will write a charity trustees or internal work reports I like using the because if you find the right one and this is the important bit is about finding the right quotes that really do resonate with what you’re about then they really help to frame a problem I think yeah absolutely just clarifies it sometimes doesn’t and it just especially if it comes if the quote comes from someone who actively is proven to have solved the problem yeah so this leads on to people doesn’t really serve find inspiration in people yes yes and I have probably a couple of people than inspired me one of them we talk about golf before yeah

I love the ryder cup anybody listening than he was a golf fan and is a European will now know that I’m going to say I love Ian Poutler because the postman always delivers that’s the reason Ian Poulter inspires me has a lot to do with not his arrogance and now it’s crazy clothes although I’m not a crazy pair of golf trousers although I have been known to wear a few crazy pairs of Golf pants and that became a bit of a thing for me for a while people knew me as the guy who wore crazy golf pants it’s the ability of this golfer who let’s be honest he doesn’t lead the all the golfing majors and perform at his highest level when he’s on his own we can we count on the European all the will toll yeah he plays well enough to get into the Ryder Cup and then when it gets into the ryder cup he suddenly become just the passion bit that we talked about before is there, you can see in his eyes this guy has a real passion for the Ryder Cup yeah and match play golf and he doesn’t even play that well in match play golf when he’s not in the right is not listening to but I think he would but but he’s a brilliant individual professional golfer it was brilliant but there is no denying that he takes the level of yeah when it matters yeah absolutely and that’s why I can relate to him because you’ll know living with me that this person at the end of the microphone that will the person who stands up and does a public speech yeah it’s probably sometimes a world apart from the person who sat downstairs yeah watching telly income be bossed yes yeah yeah I’m so white store up energy.

I think everyone does that though everyone has peaks and troughs in some times you know they they’re on fire even if it could be a couple of months at time well I think it’s about acknowleging that isnt it and just seizing the moment when you all have in those periods of productivity and motivation and yes it’s like Ian poulter in the ryder Cup that’s his that’s the motivation that’s the passion when it comes and he really does make most of it yes I am and so I can see myself so he does inspire me and I can see myself in them very often but the other one all right he really inspires me is done pallotta yep

Dan Pallotta talks about the way in which society is geared to particularly towards making people feel guilty for that so how they improve the lives of others but also how they want to have a high standard of living while they’re doing it yes I’m making money out of charitable enterprises and like that people feel guilty yes they don’t feel like they should make money out they should be doing it because they want to help others and that should be enough yes society tells you that you know are there you go into if you want to make any money this is it and so I first saw it Dan Pallotta to do a Ted Talk I think it was about two thousand fourteen and I will put the link to the to the title I put it on the website yeah yeah make sure to it but I I had struggled for quite awhile around how do how can I do all the stuff that I want to do to help the people to kind of give more of myself to others but how do I balance that with wanting to have a nice house and a nice car and I’m I’m the lifestyle the I can see the only way of achieving that will be to go and work in private industry.

Dan really really poses these questions about and you know the for example it shouldn’t be a choice between helping somebody or going to work in a bank yeah because that choice predominantly is going to be based on money yeah I’m not shouldn’t be a choice but also he talks about the bigger picture stuff as well the strategy stuff the stuff which I really get excited about what we talk about strategy he talks about people like Amazon who went six years without making a profit well throughout that time the investment the company continued because people had faith in where that was going now with fast forward nearly ten years from when Dan Polletta first did the talk look where Amazon is now yeah now imagine you are setting up a charity or social and surprise yep and you’re going to say to people I need you to invest in this but I’m not going to help people for the first ten years yeah how many people do you think you would like to get investing and well exactly and this is where I would love and this is why with it now yeah what we’re trying to do really really really small parts of it it’s give social is about trying to turn the perception of helping people on its head yes making get that little bit more almost fashionable yeah yeah no absolutely I think that’s really important because I think you people will in a private industry people commit time and effort and might say understanding the fact that you need to make investment not only in money but in time to build something that yes it does what it needs to do and is effective at doing it yet that is not luxury if you will isn’t afforded to smaller whether it big charities whether it be just public public sector in general actually and this goes back to that conversation we had about doing good for those in one of the other service where we sat we talked about and that word I couldn’t say which is philanthropy.

How we look at philanthropist as people who already have loads of money yeah and then decide to give up by yeah but what about if we could turn that on its head and stop giving now yeah and then the money comes later yes yes exactly and so one of the things that Dan said right near the end of his talk the I really liked was around – “don’t ask a charity about the rights of the overheads ask about the scale of that dreams” yeah and so to finish this episode the question I think I would leave people with is not to get hung up on what you’ve been able to do so far yeah or not okay really focus on how big your dream is and what small things can you do today to start moving towards achieving that yeah and I think hopefully for this episode we’ve gone through a few things that we’ve done and what I’m gonna do just the finishes list those things okay yeah so we’ve talked about reading a book or anything yeah having a hobby and using the hobby to make sure that you’ve taken the time away from the thing that you are trying to achieve yeah taking a course yes just continuing to learn in continuous learning and creating an inspirational space definitely and then waking up early yet but not staying up lights mmhm weekly exercise yeah identifying the building you weak at rias I’m finally as we just discussed finding some inspiration yes so I think we’ve pretty much covered everything we wanted to here today and I’m really enjoyed have the conversation yeah I think there’s been a lot for us in our journey that we’re going through some ten years ago yeah and we hope that people will keep coming on the journey with us yeah absolutely.

I think it’s time for us to finish for today we will be back next week with an another episode and we can’t wait for you to join us so before then if you haven’t already join our Facebook group give social or head on over to the website give social dot co dot UK I will mention a few things today but we’ve got some of the special things lined up the people who subscribe in Facebook followers say we’ve got giveaways guides and free tips so don’t miss out. See you all next week for more give social bye bye.

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