Covid-19 – Emerging from a pandemic: What did we learn? #Episode 2

Episode #2 – Covid-19

In this episode of the podcast, we take a closer look at how Coronavirus has impacted our lives. Over 45 minutes, we reflect on where we have been forced to change our working and lifestyle habits.

Panic buying or working from home – the list of all the things we can learn from coronavirus is endless. However, we break these down into our top 10. Along with the craziness of shopping, working and wearing a face mask, we focus upon the good elements of life we have witnessed over the last few months.

During the show, we will also pick up on the experiences and inspirational work of others during Covid-19. Neil Hailwood has been entertaining communities through Facebook live sessions of “Play your cards right” in aid of local charities such as Derian House. We will chat with him about this during our show.

We have collectively been experiencing Coronavirus for many months now. This episode aims to highlight just a few of the things we have found while living under the same roof for so long.

Remember that our podcast does not provide any advice! The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on people in several ways. If you have been impacted, or you want to seek any advice, check out some of these useful links:

UK Government Covid-19 advice

US Governemnt Covid-19 advice

NHS Covid-19 advice


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So you can’t have a show in 2020 without a conversation about Covid 19 and lock down. So we’re come out of lockdown now, but life has changed hasn’t it? It has, and we’ve got the good, the bad and the ugly but more importantly for us, opportunities that can come through adversity, so we thought would be a good idea today, to take a real life look at Covid-19 what we’ve learned, and how we might have changed as a result, not just me and you, but everybody out there as well. It’s based on our own specific experiences but some of it might sound familiar to other people. So, where do we start?

Between as we’ve picked ten things that we’ve learned during lock down, and the first one is – it’s doing everything at home. We quite quickly had to adapt to doing everything at home, working from home, and it wasn’t just me working from home, you were working from home and also Billy was working from home – welll not so much but he was at home anyway! yeah so anybody who doesn’t know, Billy is our six year old child, and that got very interesting, but there was some really good stuff so we didn’t have to travel, getting up in our Pyjamas, arriving for work in our pajamas every day – the long commute down the stairs! yep, stopping off at the bathroom if you felt like you wanted to…. over to the coffee shop… I was going to say, coffee is a better example – for your Douwe Egberts – other coffee suppliers are available.

Journey to work

Yeah and just having a nice leisurely stroll in to work down the steps, then there was the whole thing about Teams and getting used to doing that virtually I say Teams because that’s the name of one of the ways in which you got to meet your team on a daily basis but also there was Zoom, Webex, Skype, lots of other things – all that we’re pretty new to most people as well, lots of people hadn’t really used them very much before and I think it’s been one of those baptisms of fire really, that if you’re not that used to stuff like that, it was tough, you just had to get on with it didn’t you and just pick it up – but you don’t have the office chat like you did in the office ,no, so there was there was less of the coffee conversations shall we say – water cooler conversations?

That’s what I was thinking of, the water cooler conversations and I cant say i’ve ever had a conversation at a water cooler before lock down and now we all miss it so I dont know what that’s about – I’m getting more work done though yeah, I mean that’s a whole different one isn’t it? How much work are we doing, compared to before?

So you went into an office every day, I didn’t go into an office everyday, I was normally travelling around – what was an average week for me before lockdown in the last ten eleven months? Well it depends if it was the more latterly period of time, then you were everywhere, you were in at least three or four places around the country in a week. Yeah, so a week would normally be getting up on a Monday, getting the train down to London, I made a train friend once “hi train friend!” and then i’d be down there probably for a few days and then I’d visit a town on the way back – not out of pleasure – I was going to say, you’re making it sound like a – a nice day out at Bath. Yeah, them days…. where have they gone? Yes staying in a hotel more often than not, getting home on a Thursday or Friday and then going golfing … I miss my time alone!

And now it is completely different, I was saying the day about how at work, I’m most confident on a this sounds daft because i’m not a performer, but I’m most confident on a stage, in front of the room, public speaking – holding an audience – you know me immensely well! while Holding an audience, and then suddenly, I have to do everything over the phone or the digital phone – that is a thing though, I found that when you do go and speak events or you are in a room full of people even just meetings around a table, you get so much back from people, just the body language and you know, you can tell if they agree with you or you can see the flash of dissent across their eyes if it’s something they don’t necessarily agree with, but just don’t really get any of that, or you certainly don’t get as much of it, I don’t think through a computer screen – What you do get in front of a computer screen when your child’s at home in you’re trying to work it is interrupted – that is a true story – what are the best things that happened to me?

Fun working with Children

So, we had , let’s just check there’s not one switched on this room, so we’re okay, we had a request for Alexa to play ACDC at volume ten – ‘Thunderstruck’ at volume ten – yeah – I don’t recommend that in the middle of a meeting – The next thing I don’t recommend in the middle of a meeting, is for a video conference call and having your meeting in the office, which happens to be next to the bathroom, and your child wandering again after an accident with the toilet paper – perhaps we’ll just leave that there – that’s probably one of the most significant challenges, video conferencing challenges, of your lockdown time. They had a thing on Twitter where children became co -workers – yeah – so people would tweet what their co workers were doing for the day “today my co worker put their fingers through the toilet paper – ah, bless him – Anyway, which leads us nicely into child care I think child care i think child care has been fun, I mean we’re lucky, let’s face it, right from the beginning let’s not pretend that way really badly done to – we have a child, we’re together and we were both working from home we spent a lot of quality time with our child – yeah, it’s one of those you know, you never going to get that back, you’re never going to get that experience in time in life back, it’s going to be one of those things that you remember forever – you know, Billy will always remember 2020 when didn’t have to go to school for three months, four months – we got to tell him loads of things couldn’t be done because of lock down though – like Fortnite that everybody gone home because of lock down, bit mean ! – yes

I think there was lots of good things, but there was a few tricky things too, and I think we have learned a lot about ourselves during that time , yeah the biggest thing for me with that was proper “mum guilt” or “parent guilt” just from every five minutes saying ” yeah, yeah, yeah in a minute, in a minute, Mummy’s just in a meeting, or I’ll get you a drink in a minute or just sit there and do some colouring in for a bit While i was trying to get work done and then you stop doing the work to give Billy some attention and then you feel guilty thinking “I’ve not checked emails for half an hour or an hour whatever it it, I think it was I was just trying to find that balance of trying to do everything all at once, at the same time, those competing demands that you have got your emails coming through the same time, with the child on the other hand also needing you at the same time and I think that was tricky, will be tricky for the next six weeks because of the holidays – and then you had the those times where you realized that actually you had been working and your child was in the house and that this come walking through and they’d look at you and go “have you finished working yet?” yeah or “ah, you’re not on your laptop again are you? “Who’s that on the phone?” yeah starting to reel off – yeah exactly, its when they start to know whose on the phone and they can can guess who it is.


The home schooling bit has been really interesting actually and something that, I mean it’s made me realize, one of the things I’ve learned from this is that I would not want to be a teacher particularly a primary school teacher – I think that is one of the most potentially challenging jobs that there is. Is it? This could be one of our first couple of opinions. But think about it about it every day, thirty kids everyday? For all the teachers out there listening, I love you all to bits , but is it the hardest job in the world? I didn’t say that, I said it’s challenging. Was i putting words in your mouth? I think you were, i’ll have to listen back now. Ok, is being a teacher challenging – yes – okay and he agrees with me – And this is why we need video because people will be out see me looking up into the air, we’ve both got our arms folded now – thinking thoughtfully – thinking thoughtfully, you can do that can’t you? Course you can! Yes thinking thoughtfully about whether being a teacher is challenging – we had lots of occasions where a child refused to do work, we also had lots of occasions where he just got on with it, to be fair, let’s not be unfair on him, because he did do really well, he did try really hard – most days – he was very good for the few weeks that we had him – first world problems. Yes, I do think teachers do a fantastic job, I think parents are at a disadvantage to teachers yes because children talk back to their parents much more than they talk back to teachers – true – I did have to use the teachers on occasion to say well “we’ll have to tell your teacher that you’ve not done then and he’d go…huh…ok! –

The teachers could have made extra money on the side over lockdown, they have these services don’t they where you get a video message from a celebrity for your birthday, but we could have had one where teachers charged to tell children off so like ten pound a minute – ten pound a minute?! come on, the teachers need the money Jen – the teachers could go on the video and and say your child’s name, and tell them off for not doing their homework , I’d pay for that . I’ve just thought of that – oh no – somebody get a pad and a pen, write it down, he’s had an idea – As we go through episodes, Rob will come up with ideas on the hoof and it was suddenly become the best idea ever, and then if he realizes someone’s already done it he will adamantly claim that it was his idea first and they must have nicked it. I did come up the sink kettle once, but we’ll save that for another episode – ideas Rob had.

Panic Buying

Yeah anyway, other things let’s talk about other things, so panic buying, that was a thing early on. It was, not, we didn’t do it necessarily, but that was one of the weirdest – well it only lasted two weeks – yeah it didnt last long but for the period of time that it did go on for, it it did unnerve me a bit – did it? – a little bit – coz i thought what do they know that i dont, why do i think that this is kind of gonna be alright, but nobody else seems to be comfortable with that – It was a strange, let’s let’s lay this out of the table for people, early lock down I did all the shopping, so I was the one who left the house – I don’t know why I came into – I think it was just you being the man of the house is going to say, my manly instinct, being protective, manly instinct kicked in, it was the hunter gatherer thing I think, “Don’t worry love, i’ll get the toilet roll” Oh, and he did. And I did. I tell you what, at the peak of panic, Flanagan to the rescue, yes, fifty seven rolls of toilet roll. Let’s tell the story properly so the people don’t think you went to – tell the story, Rob saved the day fifty seven rolls of toilet roll later yeah we had neighbors knocking on the door, can we borrow some …no we didnt – I was going to say, I don’t think we did – I was hoping for that, yeah, you wanted to help others didn’t you? I wanted to open the garage door and start a shop – Ah, you did, anyway he didn’t –

So we did get a lot of toilet roll, purely by chance, so it was a strange feeling going into supermarkets on my own, because I never do that – he didn’t do that in the first place – this is a new experience for Rob – I had to ask where things werr and they wouldn’t speak to me because it was Covid, and so that was the other thing about supermarket staff – love em – however, as soon as Covid kicked in, it was like you weren’t allowed to speak to them, there was this, I mean yes, we had all the thing about space, but you can still use your voice, so – you can just imagine you shouting down an aisle – yeah, excuse me, hola, checking I wasn’t back on holiday, you know being on holiday and you’re really trying to find the mayonnaise and you don’t know what it’s called, or how to say it in French – in French? its it’s Spanish! It felt a bit like that, one of these people who works in the supermarket the distance just kind of staring at you ‘look at all these people’ and so then you’d get to the toilet roll aisle, and it was bare – there just wasn’t any – nothing – even those really rubbish ones like the ones that are like printer paper – the ones in the cone shape that nobody knows what their for – that’s not loo roll, that’s kitchen paper –

Hey listen during during lockdown, they even sold out reams of printer paper it was getting that bad, and so anyway we could not get it anywhere we tried all our contacts, all our connects, were without toilet paper and then I remembered that fortunately through give social we have a trade card at the cash and carry – we do – so I arrived at the cash and carry all cocky and clever about an hour before it opened, there was about eighty people already in front of me, and it was raining and i thought no, I’ve traveled forty miles I’m going home with toilet paper, you could not have come home empty handed, that would have not gone down well – and then there was a sign as you walked down the queue to the back that said ‘limited supplies of toilet paper – one per customer’ I thought, she’s going to go mad if i only go home with one roll of toilet paper, considering I’ve been gone since Friday and so I panicked so i just stood there – that’s your definiton of panic buying – yep

and then i thought i’d get a few other bits while i was there, so four hundred pounds later, and a steam mop, I think we got a steam mop I got a steam mop, listen, you just don’t – cleanliness this Covid so yep I got a steam mop, yep fifty seven rolls of toilet paper – but can we just explain the fifty seven, so when it said one per customer what it meant was one crate, pretty much, of toilet rolls per customer yes, so not just one packet, no I didn’t go in fifty seven times – no exactly, so we actually ended up, but I think we probably felt a little bit guilty afterwards, because then we thought, oh no, people might think we’ve been panic buying when that was never the intention, and yet we come away with this many loo rolls – it was like going to Alton Towers and they had a special on where they were giving away free, something, {laughing} come on I’m trying to set the scene here Jen, imagine, you’ve got all these people trying to get in and you got a queue for two hours to get in, you get in and then there’s just like the most secure area and this area was covered by cones, security guards barriers, and behind it was toilet roll and it had fork lift trucks going mental, literally just riding around with big crates of toilet roll on them and then members of staff throwing packs of fifty seven toilet rolls over the barrier as people caught them and they could have one in their trolley, it was ridiculous. It was crazy so I was glad to get home

The other thing you bought and this was my request, was some U. H. T. milk, some long life milk, because I – yes – this is what I mean about how effected me weirdly, I didn’t go out and panic buy, but for some reason I had in my head that it was really important we have U H. T. milk just in case – so how many times in our life, we’ve been together a long time – over fifteen years – we’ve been together a long time Jenna, how many times in our life have we bought UHT milk? zero , actually, zero occasions but it was just a thought just not being able to have a brew – and how many bottles of UHT to we have – you got six – I know, sorry, how many bottles of UHT milk do we have left? Six. They’ve got a good few months left on them yet, I’ll get em, I’ll find something, I’ll get them used … We could do a whole episode on UHT milk, I don’t get it , I don’t understand it, I don’t think I’ll ever drink it – Do you know what? I’m gonna make you either, i’ll do you some porridge or some cereal or something, or i’ll make you a brew, and you’ll have to some cereal or something, or i’ll make you a brew, and you’ll have to tell me if you can tell, you’ll be able to tell I’m sure but – It’s witchcraft – it’s witchcraft?! You can’t keep milk that long not in the fridge, and it be alright, okay yes I think we’ve covered panic buying -i think we probably have!

Zoom parties

where did they come from? Well, I still don’t like them, they are a bit hard work aren’t they? I don’t want to spend all day at work, talking to people on a video and then finish and go “Hey guys let’s all meet up and have a Zoom party, a what?, a Zoom party – we all get together on those things we use at work all day, and we’ll have a party – so we have had some – but having said that – We’ve had some and they’ve been lovely – yeah exactly – for any of our friends who may listen, they honestly yes absolutely good fun, but I absolutely get your point that , having been eight hours in and out of meetings all day – yeah I’m sure for those who weren’t working on them all day and wanted to see friends and let’s be honest – it’s a great way of doing it though – these things these technologies have brought people closer together at a time when they can’t be together – we took our friends on a tour around the new house – we did – virtually on Zoom – so we moved house just before lockdown, we managed to get some work done, the electrician was kicked out – it was the day before the announcement wasn’t it and we we’re just – the hour before lockdown, we had everybody in -we had the painter and decorator in – it was like sixty second makeover – it really was – sixty minute makeover – is that what it’s called?

I think so, I don’t think you could do it in sixty seconds – oh yeah! – D. I. Y. S. O. S. – other programs are available of course. Yeah, so we had a load of people in just to get some things sorted inside the house, and then we went into lockdown and then I went crazy on the DIY I but we’ll talk about that shortly. But we did give people a nice tour of our house via the laptop – yeah – and our mobile phones – yeah – switching we were like multi camera views

I find that I got more drunk at Zoom parties than i do at normal parties – definatley – I had a a zoom party with my MBA class at university, we kind of all celebrated handing our assignments in, and I think I sat down about seven o’clock yeah that’s right yeah because you’d nipped out because that was another bit of a trick, or not trick, but it was a bit of a nice little – yes – addition to the party – I delivered a gifts to our senior lecturer who lives around the corner – dropped something off at his doorstep, so I dropped him some beer off and then we all went on the party, and I just sat there with a big bottle of red wine, which I finished, and you said oh, you go up and watch one of your programmes, I’ll be done in an hour, and that was at about. like you say maybe half seven or so – at 1am I finished – I was gonna say it was midnight and I was thinking, right well I’ll probably just, i think he’s probably not coming up now, so I’ll go to sleep – I sat at the same table, in the same chair ,for the whole period, and drunk a bottle of wine – so that was fun – and then we we played some fun games though didn’t we? We have – so we had generation game – yeah the good ones were when we did the family get togethers and well you set up a whole series of different – yep we did a question of sport where we did “what happens next” this is me being the tech geek, trying to work out all the different things that we could do , i had the theme tune for every game show that we hosted – bulls eye with the kids so we set up a number of different point scoring mechanisms around the house where they had to try and score points by getting the hoops well they had to nominate one of us three, either me you or Billy to be their representative yes we have to take the shot for them

There was quite a bit of pressure. There was and then we had I’m sure lots of people had these ones – running around the house to get as many items as you could. Things like flour bags of flower you can get one of those. loo roll, hand sanitizer hand wash and then the old crazy one as well and just having to appear in front of the laptop with those items so that was fun and then there was I suppose not serious but the more intimate ones with just one of the couple having a conversation in the evening over a glass of wine always. Always over a glass of wine. I think drinking habits have definitely changed yeah not necessarily for the better no I think people probably because of the uncertainty and the (hate this word) unprecedented nature of what we’re facing people didn’t really know how to deal with it it was just all they knew was they didn’t have to get up at half five in the morning for an hour and a half commute to work the next day so people were probably more likely to have a drink midweek when they wouldn’t have done normally, because I’m not getting up first thing for a big long drive and then people just get used to that becomes a little bit of a habit and I think we we did that early on didn’t we but then after three or four weeks we went hang on a minute I think it was five weeks was a five weeks.


Five weeks in we decided we’d probably spend enough money on alcohol not enough money on gym equipment so we thought we will reverse it and so we decided with get ourselves a little bit fitter for a few weeks. That lasted. Well to be fair, we did do the we did do the couch to 5k. so we did it with the whole couch to 5k from beginning to end and we continued it and now we’re still going out three times a week 5k a day. That’s 15k a week. That’s ally not much but it’s something no but it’s better than what we did before which was zipadee doo daa. It is.


I know because we are fortunate – we’ve got family who live nearby haven’t we? we’ve got parents your parents live within a mile of a house my dad lives only a couple miles from here. We’d be able to walk past their house and go to the window or stand on the street and they come to the end of drive. I think they found it a bit more frustrated didn’t they yeah different things yeah yeah I think especially when you’ve got very close relationships as well. so there was always a thing with my my dad particular with Billy. Always play fighting and wrestling with each other and yeah my mum never put him down you know he’s always glued to my mum’s side.

It has been really really hard and a lot harder than yet then you think well it certainly at first Billy would want to run straight up to his Nanni and granddad yeah you’d have to go “Oh no no” and have certainly from Billy’s perspective you got used to that 2 metre rule really quickly and actually not in a frightened way, but he got used to it and would point it out and say “Oh. Stand back” He would make a point of it but not in a way that he was frightened or overly worried you just knew it was a thing that he had to do and he likes following the rules which is helpful yeah I think it was a it was quite tricky. Well it still is. He’s still not… You still count still can’t go for a hug.

we can see them in the garden. we can have one of them in the house and we’ve had birthdays, he’s had a birthday day you’ve had a birthday yeah no kisses and hugs, so yeah I think that’s something the physical distance and social distance. physical distance is a good way to describe isn’t it because isn’t it’s not a social disease not social distance at all. If anything people found new ways to be social and give social. Hey never mind. yes so physical distancing that is the way that I like to describe it because that’s exactly what it is and it’s… I’ve never heard you say that before. Might be because I say it a lot at work. but I like it – physical distancing if you think about you know how important it is to have connections with people especially when you’re going through times of change social distancing is a really tricky way to describe it because that’s not really what you suggesting people do, you’re not suggesting that people you also suggested that they isolate physically if they are poorly or they’ve got symptoms or you just keep your distance from people but you’re not saying that you don’t socialize in other ways.


When we were out on our walks, we did get to see lots of things in the local area that we never really did before. Well nobody mind I’ve lived in this other than moving away for a few years and then coming back, I’ve lived here all my life really and then I was seeing pictures on Facebook of my friends in the village of gone for walks I’ve gone o”oh where is that? just you know don’t pass the farm down the bumpy lane and you go Oh – I didn’t even know that lane was there and you find out new little places to explore. We’re very lucky we have we have lots of farm land near where we live – quite a few nurseries that still been trying to keep on top of growing the flowers and the plants and things like that, but the but it does make for some lovely walks I think before this we would have never have said “oh it’s five o’clock let’s go for a walk” five o’clock was our walk Then we would let him take his bike and for I probably it’s certainly a good for six weeks we did it every single day yeah. I think we stopped doing it every day when he he he Who’s he? Mr Johnson the prime minister yes. I think when the prime minister announced you can go further than – almost like you can have more than one form of exercise a day yes then that’s when we kind of went we don’t need to walk anymore. Feel like that’s not a thing is anymore is it. We could drive somewhere okay we could drive somewhere and have a long walk yes lets do that. then we drove somewhere and drove home again. The long walks disappeared. We drove somewhere, let Billy on his bike we sat on a bench.

Empty Pubs

Do you know what’s been brilliant for children to learn bikes during lockdown – Pub car parks… big empty pub car parks. we got Billy a new bike For his birthday. and so it’s I would take him round random random pub carparks nobody in there. Go be free as a bird but then you get funny looks from people driving past who would just see a man stood alone in the pub car park looking like he was missing his local. staring at the window.

Let’s talk about D. I. Y.

yeah I think everyone’s been doing that haven’t they? inside, outside especially I think it’s the the the point is that your home you’re in the same four walls all the time and if you’re not going for your walk that that was that your attention is very much drawn to the various marks on the wall where there’s been a picture hook or shed in the garden that need the needed painting just painting painting. okay okay Who’s going to tell the story? We moved into the house we had lots of plans for things were going to do inside the house and then one day I went outside and looked at the shed.

Now the shed had been there apparently has been there for many many years built by the man who lived here he lived at fifty years. Yes, so the man who lived here before us, but before the people who live here before us and he built the shed which was very proud of when I went out to paint it… well I went out to look at it and decided it needed painting. And then it was on the floor and they took it down a hedge with it. I know Part of the conifer came down. I just gave it a little rock and thought – It’s not as stable as people make out this long standing shed. I’ll just get this hammer I didn’t borrow a hammer, I borrowed an axe. And so then decided I was going to pull down the shed to make space (I don’t know what for). And so but then what happened we pulled the shed down yet but this was the birth. This was the reincarnation of Mr D. I. Y. rob. To reincarnate, there must have been something there before, but I can’t say that I think this is new. previous life. okay well I didn’t know you then. this happens to people all the time just They go through their life not realizing they’ve got these hidden skills from a previous life okay, and suddenly emerged like a Phoenix from the flames rob the D. I. Y. expert

I Started small yeah. I built a bar. yes it was a bar out of pallets pilots everybody does it It’s very Pintrest but it was great yeah it was. and what happened was you went to a well known D. I. Y. store to get some paint for the bar and came back with some masonry paint as well as the paint I did, which then became my job to paint all the all the fence posts or side panels oh and the fence panels themselves they got painted as well yes so let’s go on a journey with us okay go on. So we’ve got the we’ve got a some pallets. A mate of mine had to pallet. yeah I went “I could do something with that”. so I got the pallet. I built a bar. It did take me two hours to put the first screw in. Who help to understand where the screw needed to go? You help me with the first screw. I gave you an epiphany of how to attach two crates together. The problem was that the hole to put the screw it was longer than the screw. now unless you’re an expert you wouldn’t know what I was on about. I apologize listeners that I’m taking them into advanced D. I. Y. they weren’t expecting this level. But the hole was longer than the nail and so we… I had great difficulty joining this up. It was the way it was the fact that he couldn’t screw hole deep enough into the two pallets. So eventually Jenna came out pointed me in a direction yeah I was away. Why don’t you try that? Oh it worked. You did the rest of it.

I did do the rest of it. And… I found and I did find this because I’ve never used it before – Apparently I got it as as a birthday present. I founded jigsaw Not one that you put together the best jigsaw you plug in and it makes corners. It’s a blade on it – it’s got a blade on it and it makes corners. So I made a corner for the bar. yeah and then there was a way that was it so we’ve got a bar now I’ve got a shed that’s been knocked down and a big space mmhm somebody suggested I better say who this someone is – our highly talented yeah multi faceted, very creative step father of Jennas, suggested that the we could have some decking and another shed tucked away in the corner but we may have to remove trees – but we may have to remove some trees we may have to.. A bit of ground work – this was how we put it in the trade so because guys in the trade call it a bit of ground work , so we cleared the space and he taught me how to build decking. well he tell me what to buy it I paid for it somebody delivered it yeah he let you shadow when him while he… listen I was a lackie for the day yeah so I learned lots of different things one of them being now I’m gonna blow people’s minds here – ready? the three four five method.

It’s easy for me to say that three four five method changed my life yes right angles yeah are you ready for this do it in front of your self now do on the table do it in your head. go along three times so far right now all of just go along get along well with you just yet yeah with fingers yeah. Just go along yeah imagine three so one, two, three okay now you see three yeah. Now go up four – One two three four yeah now the line from where you started to the line where you finished will measure five – Jens nodding. If you have if you have a perfect right Angle that’s it now this absolutely blew my mind I feel like I’m now an insider in the building trade. The thing was that was that some of your friends who are actually in the building trade and do actually know how this stuff works – when they head you say three four five… They were like meerkats how do you know that? knowing that Rob for the past thirty odd years has never once held a conversation for any length of time around anything like that and everyone thought oh my goodness what on earth has happened to him?

See we’re giving away free lessons in our second episode. People you’re getting value for money. This is right. this is just an extra stuff always giving say always giving it’s it’s nearly time to wind up the show it is.


We have changed the way we shop yeah change the way we shop massively we had a it was an experience when we went to buy a toy for Billy with his birthday money yeah they had just re opened the shops it was only a couple weeks back and unfortunately to the place that we went to that we knew was a single place where we could buy a toy wasn’t – it was open but they had no toys so we have we have the risk of an upset child. Across the way, was a famous shopping center in the northwest that we kind of gave each other the look and said do we risk it? It’s that secret parent look when you daren’t say something out loud in case A) the other one disagrees or B) you can’t do it for some other reason – trying to exchange the nod and the wink and then shall we… no way Nudge nudge, wink wink, shall we go over to a toy shop the toys in the in the big shopping center take toys out yeah we decided yes .

I wish we decided no. It was just an awful experience – not because it was busy It wasn’t busy all – if it was busy we weren’t gonna park. we weren’t go in we set that when we drove in. In fact it was really quiet. so with we were then stopped by a man who insisted on telling all the rules which is right. quite right yeah we we need to know the rules yeah. I felt a bit sorry for him because he was saying the same thing to everyone he walked in. I said to him – you need to recall that into a dictaphone into press play and smile. yes you can have to just keep saying over and over again and then we made a beeline straight – Well the agreement the silent agreement that we made with our eyes was that we weren’t going to any of the shop any other shops at all, because to be honest only half of them were open anyway, but the decision was we weren’t going to any other. We were straight into that shop. Now we were good because we had our face masks on. we had our facemask on in the car.

We had a face mask on as soon as we got out of the car to go in to the shop so we were wondering through this big shopping center the the three of us with our face mask on. Loads of people weren’t. yeah. And then went to queue outside the shop the shop that we were going to. it was a famous shop we can probably say – the Disney shop yeah that’s fine yeah we queued for ages. and all these people didn’t have a mask on. And we were like “why we queuing?” it yeah and then we realized we queue end because they were giving everybody a face mask and then they were telling people how to use a facemask before we could come into the shop mmhm but they were they were trying to manage the number of people going in as well so it was only serve like maybe four groups of people of up to three at a time wasn’t as something like that it was only really limited numbers nice I quite rightly it just wasn’t enjoyable. It wasn’t the shopping experience that you used to and there was no you don’t really wanna spend really much time in there just a case of “right can you see what you want?”

I think we spent – I think we spend our time and if if I said twenty minutes I would probably be pushing it. maximum yeah. That brings me nicely into members of the public, because I can’t not speak about members of the public and I have a view about some of the way that some people have ben during covid, but let’s not dwell on that too much no. but I do think that we have learned a lot about each other it’s interesting when you look at other people and you see how they behave.

It’s all of the news you know the day after announcing lockdown is eased – beginning to ease coronaviruses not going away – we’re just seeing what it’s like if we let people do a little bit more we end up with thousands of people on the beach or loads of big parties, illegal raves and and then we moan because were in lockdown. Moan because we’re not allowed to do this and we’re not allowed to do that the end of the day my view is this is something that we have never ever dealt with, seen before but not getting into politics we never get into politics now however I have some sympathy for those who are in charge of trying to tell people what they should do. Could be the police, government, fire ambulance whoever it may be.

There are members of the public who just take it too far every single time. What I wanted to finish on was something positive and through what the show is all about what we do is all about is making people feel good and there are so many different ways in which we’ve made people feel good throughout Covid-19. Loads of people have done loads of amazing thing yeah. Some of it’s been for the benefit of helping people who maybe don’t have much in where as the bits of just being just kindness just helping out neighbors who’ve been shielded our isolation going to get some shopping full them dropping it off. you know even just the they clapping for carers. all of those different things of being just a a real show of community spirit, people coming together and finding opportunities to help each other.

Neil Hailwood

Community spirit is probably the the things that I’m is highlighted in our next guest who we’re going to speak to very briefly about some of the things that he’s done and his name’s Neil so hopefully you should be able to hear the conversation I had with Neil earlier now. Neil it’s Rob Flanagan how are you I’m very well thank you how are you rob. I’m awesome. listen we’ve been having a chat about Covid-19 and all the amazing things that people have been doing. I’ve been talking all about some of the amazing things that you were doing and I’m one of the ones I want to speak to you about today was at play your cards right – just tell us what happened with play your cards right and where it came from. Basically I’ve been working at Chorley football club and trying raising money for Derian House at the the home games I was doing play your cards right so when we go into this lock down where nobody could get out of the house but from your one daily exercise.

And there were lots of people on the Facebook and Twitter doing lots of Singing as people know, I only do sweet Caroline so singing was an option, so I thought what can we do and I thought we could we could want that bit more interactive with people so they could get involved in trying to raise a few quid as well, so I thought playing play because right and then gotta start thinking how we’re going to do this? So tell us how did you do you play your cards right with everybody at home? so we did it too Facebook live. So we opened up a registration and we started off with about forty fifty people playing on the first week then on week 14 we had just short of two hundred people. I spent Sunday morning writing everybody’s name down and giving them a number.

So people commented on a post that you put out and then you would add that name to the list yep and then throughout the day people would get the number and then when we went live with it, which is quite nerve jangling. You’ve got to tidy your house, tidy your kitchen and make sure everything’s all sparkling which is a good excuse for cleaning in covid. Because you did just go live on Facebook didn’t you, in your house and and if I remember it was in the kitchen yep my daughter with an iPad, the wife with a super computer phone and I just I was there for the looks in the charm and the sophistication.

And you had some funny outfits as well. I had my hi de hi outifit which got some nice comments. I think I grew out of it. Bit too big – Got some braces in the last week to try and keep my pants up. But basically just a a number generator and if you number came out, you had literally twenty seconds to give me a call live and then you just went through the process of going from ten cards from higher or lower down to one. I have some very good friends who threw some prizes. I wanted to – I didn’t want to charge people. I wanted it to be fun and interactive and people to get involved and so I threw some good friends in from domino’s Dave (Who’s not called David he’s called Paul, but we call him Dave anyway). He threw in some pizza vouchers. I had garages throwing in a MOT’s and we got one lady who give me fourteen bottles of prosecco.

So this is proper almost bullseye prizes. It really was yeah and I always felt really bad when people lost especially when they got so close when you how to we get the queen and the king comes out and you’ve gone lower. I felt like being distraught but it was just about trying to raise some money – I think in twelve weeks, we raised just short of three thousand pound. Fantastic – twelve weeks people in the house is ringing up Having a game of play your cards right. Getting a few local businesses to throw some prizes and a you managed to raise three thousand pound. incredible really. absolutely fantastic!

Neil we’re gonna be speaking to you in the next couple of weeks about everything that you do because of some amazing stuff that we’ve witnessed and supported and everything else over the years that we’ve managed to watch you do that’s absolutely fantastic all in aid of charity and fantastic locals causes so Neil thanks a lot I’m going to speak to you very soon when you got your very own episode I’m looking forward to it.

How good is Neil? brilliant – everything the Neil’s been doing during Covid-19 some of the things that he’s got himself involved in some of the people he’s helped the activities that he’s got people just involved in on Facebook Play your college right was absolutely brilliant we played along a couple of times and now just to say that we’re going to be speaking to Neil exclusively dedicated a whole episode because there is so much more about Neil that I want people to know yeah and you use the word community spirit earlier this man epitomises what it means to have community spirit and to bring joy into the less fortunate but also to bring people together for good stuff and creative ways of giving to people and get people involved yes so keep your ears out because next week or the week after that we will be speaking to Neil all about everything he’s done…

But for now it’s time for us to finish today but before then why not join our Facebook group give social or head on over to our website we got some really special things lined up for subscribers on Facebook followers giveaways guides and free tips so don’t miss out. So for now that us, but we’ll see you all next week for more give social bye bye.

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