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Best Self Discovery Decks – A self empowerment tool

There are lots of ways to start looking at bettering yourself, continuing on your self improvement, or self empowerment journey, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

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There are so many options, whether that be books, journaling, courses, workshops or other self improvement products.

We’re really keen on all things self improvement, so we’ll be exploring lots of these here on the website and through our podcast. 

In this article, we are going to be taking a closer look at the Best Self Discovery Decks

We’ve come to realise over the past few years, that personal responsibility for bettering yourself, and your own development is absolutely everything. 

You might really want to get better at something but unless you – yourself – actually get up and do something about it, no one else can (or is going to) do it for you.

Self empowerment

Self empowerment is about taking control of your own life, understanding yourself, focusing on yourself. It means you’ll look for ways to really dig into your strengths, weaknesses, set goals and more importantly, it’s about believing in yourself.

So we decided to take a look at the Best Self Co Discovery Decks.

We have used these cards before both for work and at home and this article introduces you to the series to give you an idea of what they’re all about, and how they might help you.

We also used these cards in a podcast episode about self empowerment. We pulled a couple of the cards out ‘live’ during the show which was rather interesting! And, we answered them as honestly as we could on a show that was being recorded and being made available to the public! 

You can listen to the podcast episode here

So what are the Best Self Discovery Decks?

The discovery decks are decks of cards that contain questions or prompts for you to answer, think about and reflect upon.

Best Self Decks are great if you are looking at focusing on yourself, trying to learn more about yourself and finding a way to challenge yourself, but you can also use them with your family, friends and even your kids.

You can also use them with your teams in the workplace as ice breakers and for generating ideas.

There’s around 150 prompts in each deck, which sounds like a lot, but it just means you’ve plenty to go at and they will keep you going for a while.

They are all based around different themes and you can either pick the ones that suit you based on what you want to focus on, or you can buy the set as a whole and then you’ve got them all to hand.

They are:

  • Courage over comfort – This deck is all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone to help you with your personal development journey, moving your mindset and transforming your relationship with fear  to help you not only deal with, but to thrive on, discomfort.
  • Icebreaker – This is about getting away from superficial chit chat and actually getting to know people. They will help you to invigorate existing relationships, create new opportunities and power up your networking skills by giving you thought provoking questions to ask people.
  • Little Talk – The little talk deck is designed to spark meaningful conversations with children to inspire personal development from a young age and cultivate self acceptance and self expression.
  • Edison – As suggested by the name, this is about nurturing your innovative side and helping you to think laterally, solve problems and training your brain to think beyond the obvious.
  • Intimacy – The intimacy deck is designed to be used to strengthen your immediate relationships by prompting questions and conversations to help you get to know each other better, increase and improve communication and reignite your spark.
  • Wordsmith – Conquer the blank page with this deck – it will help you to sharpen your writing skills while building your emotional intelligence and self belief.
  • Decision – This is slightly different in that this deck is more of a step by step framework that will help you break through decision paralysis. It helps you analyse a problem or decision you have to make from different angles to increase your confidence in your choice.
  • Worst Self – This is totally different to the rest of the decks – this is about recognising your own bad habits, which is the first step to replacing them with good ones – a challenging deck not for the faint hearted!

So, having used the cards in different scenarios, we have listed below what we think the good points are, and what we think could be improved. We’ll then give the Best Self Discovery Decks an overall mark out of ten. 

So what’s good about them?

  1. They are a great tool for focusing on yourself – They are a really good way to get started on focusing on yourself a bit more, especially if your not sure where to begin and just need a prompt to get you going on your journey to learning more about yourself.
  1. They help you to think differently and challenge your own beliefs and perceptions. The questions that come up across the different decks will really challenge you and encourage you to think about things from a different perspective. The questions will help guide you through your self empowerment journey
  1. The cards are great prompts – When you are either stuck in a rut or looking to have more interesting conversations, the cards give you lots of options for getting interesting conversation flowing.
  1. They take kids into consideration – Having the option to use the Little Talk deck with younger members of the family is a great way to get them involved and thinking differently. 
  1. Nice boxes that can be displayed – They look great on their own or as a set so you can have them out on display so that they are within easy reach and not sat in a cupboard collecting dust!

What’s not so good?

  1. Not always a lighthearted option – Some of the decks can be quite challenging and intense so you’ve got to be prepared for what comes out of the conversations.
  1. They don’t transport easily – If you’re travelling and want to take them with you somewhere, especially if you have more than one box, then they could be a bit cumbersome. A travel size deck or a travel box that you can use if you want to take them out and about would be great.

Our overall review and rating

Overall, we really like the cards. In terms of the content, some of the boxes are better than others.  We think the Edison deck is particularly useful, and the Icebreaker deck is also really great to work through.

One of the things that we promote and encourage, is doing things in a time scale that suits you, which these cards are great for. Depending on which deck you choose you can absolutely just go at your own pace. 

The only one that has more structure, is the Decision deck which may take you longer to work through. We will spend more time figuring out this deck because we haven’t used it properly yet, but when you use this one, it says that you should use all twenty five cards in a particular order. This guides you to work through the process, which is great if you’ve got the time, but that’s much more of a commitment so needs to be used properly to get the most out of it.

With the Worst Self deck, there’s a bit of a risk with that one, as there is with the intimacy deck as well! Our recommendations here would be:

a) do not use the intimacy deck if you don’t feel like you’re in a very secure relationship,  because there could well be problems

and b) don’t use the Worst Self Deck if you’re with family, friends or work colleagues where maybe you might not like, or be able to receive what they say in the way it is intended. 

So to anybody who thinks that the Best Self Discovery Decks are about easy self empowerment or self improvement – they are not.

They are absolutely worth doing, but it’s not always easy – which is the same with any self development process really, if you do it right. 

With some of the decks, you do have to be in the right mood to work through them and you definitely have to be prepared to deal with what comes out of them. 

Our rating

Overall, we really like them and think they are definitely a good tool even if you just read through them independently – you don’t always have to use them with other people which does make them really flexible. 

So, we give the Best Self Discovery Decks an 8 / 10 rating

Don’t forget, we ran through a few of the cards on our podcast so if you want a real life example, make sure you have a listen

We picked out questions from the Icebreaker Deck, the Edison deck, the Intimacy Deck and the Little Talk Deck and had some rather interesting conversations!

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